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Commitment to Safety

GCR considers the occupational safety & health of its staff, customers, and others at each business site to be paramount. We are committed to reducing workplace injuries and illnesses to an absolute minimum, not merely in keeping with, but surpassing, the best experience of operations similar to ours. Our goal is zero accidents and injuries.

This commitment is an all-encompassing way of doing business for GCR that puts a safe workplace and employee well-being at the forefront of every company activity. No matter the project location or industry segment supported, we focus on maintaining a culture of safety excellence.

GCR’s Corporate Safety Culture

The GCR Safety Culture is a continuously evolving and improving process. We use OSHA, National Safety Council, and industry recognized best practices as our governing guidelines; however, we always strive to exceed both recognized National Consensus and Contractual Occupational Safety & Health requirements.

Our well established Corporate Safety Plan consists of 36 major elements detailing safety standards, outcomes, and objectives that each and every employee is expected to achieve. Additionally, our comprehensive Corporate Safety Intranet library supports the consistent incorporation of rigorous site-specific Safety Processes, Procedures & Protocols.

Finally, we believe the responsibilities for safety and health are shared. As an employer, GCR accepts the responsibilities for safety leadership and support, our supervisors mentor safety and health in those they supervise and our employees are responsible for continuously practicing safety while performing their duties.

Safety is KEY to GCR and our commitment is to “Lock it in” at every opportunity.