iMS – Quality Control and Assessment

Trust Our Proven,
Proprietary System

GCR has developed and implemented our proprietary Quality Management System, iMS, and has successfully used it on contracts since 2007. This state-of-the-art, web-based Quality and Corrective Action Software ensures the products, standards, and services we provide meet or exceed the rigorous servicing and safety requirements demanded by our customers.

iMS provides for timely and effective remedial and preventive action, as well as making evidence of inspections and corrective actions readily available to our customers. Further, iMS enhances our ability to provide a unique internal inspection regimen as a project quality assessment tool. While this serves in addition to the customer’s Quality Assurance Engineering (QAE) function, encouraging our Quality Control Managers to implement ad-hoc assessments internally is just one way we can leverage the iMS to achieve zero defects.

As with many of our systems, our customer has a seat on iMS via the Internet – allowing them to survey our Quality Control Program and internal Quality Assessment actions in real-time. Our objective is to achieve zero deficiencies at our projects and iMS is helping meet that goal.

Integrated Approach

Performance Metric Collection, Reporting & Feedback

GCR believes that for good managers to manage well, they must have the best tools. Over the past few years, GCR has committed to providing the systems, support infrastructure, and the human resources needed by our managers and customers. These systems include using Maximo as a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for asset management, materials management and purchasing; and deployment of the Deltek financial management system for billing, tracking, compliance and regulatory needs. Both MAXIMO and Deltek CostPoint are DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) approved applications.

GCR has integrated these tools, resulting in a metrics-driven, performance-based approach to managing and improving accounting, financial and job cost reporting, and cost recovery functions. Further, our integrated MAXIMO CMMS and Deltek Financial Management tools are enhanced and underwritten by a dedicated Quality Control and Assessment System (iMS).

Standardizing our processes to International and Commercial standards gives our customers conformity of products and services, and ensures quality, safety and reliability. Just as importantly, it provides a known baseline from which we strive to improve.

Financial Management – Deltek CostPoint

GCR has been using Deltek CostPoint, an industry-leading cost accounting system, as our internal Cost Accounting System. This DCAA-approved system allows for detailed cost accounting and reporting. CostPoint vastly outperforms the typical software used by competitors as it provides detailed reporting not found in other programs.

Quality Management – Environment, Safety and Health … First

Our Environmental, Safety and Health (ES&H) Program is subject to the same rigorous Quality Management regimen as all other elements of our performance. GCR has adopted and documented a comprehensive Environment, Safety & Health Policy that describes and communicates the Company’s commitment to excellence in environment, health and safety stewardship. In fact, our safety record is testament to our focus on maintaining the highest possible standards.

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